Ubot Locker Ultimate PHP7+ Licensing System + Mods



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This code is for a Web Based Licensed Admin Panel. Easy to access from Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and all other platforms.
To overwrite your existing UbotLocker installation or fresh install.

Technologies used to make this theme better and cool:
– CSS3
– BootStrap
– jQuery
– JavaScript
– PhotoShop
– Theme originally by Waqar

Updated all files to run on latest PHP  7+ and Supported MySQL

Added Staff Options
  • Superadmin can’t be deleted
  • Admin (same level access as super admin)
  • Moderator Enhanced (All of Moderator + can delete licenses)
  • Moderator (edit licenses, add licenses, email licenses)
  • No Level of moderator can resend all emails for a project from the edit project page
Added a Pie chart to Home page for top-performing projects
  • Added settings if the pie chart is displayed
  • added settings max number of products to include in pie-chart
Added Cron to resend license information if not activated
  • Added settings to projects for the max number of resend’ s
  • Added settings to projects for days between resend’ s
  • Added settings for key included for processing the cron for security
Added option to disable financials from projects
  • Added for the top page admin area
  • Added for manage projects page
Added Project Bundles
  • Issues based on bundle name which is what you would use for the product name at sites like JVZoo or WarriorPlus or item_name in PayPal
  • Added option to select up to 10 projects to include in a bundle
  • Added ability to set expires from the exact time of which you set it
Added option for Integromat Web Requests Url
  • allows for 100s of various APIs to be used to send customer data for Autoresponders, or CRM, or other services
  • Able to use on Zapier URL as well
  • Sends Name, Project Name, Email
Added Everlesson Requests option to Projects
  • Gives the ability to send fname, lname, email, amount=0 to Everlesson to auto-register someone to a lesson
Added option to send Email as HTML or TXT
  • Added WYSIWYG CKEditor Editor for all email areas of Projects
Added other details to project settings that pulls into the WordPress plugin for display
  • Such as tutorial links, videos, etc you want to show with product and license details
Added option to select the format of list emails
  • Email
  • Email, Name
  • Email, Name, Project
Added pagination to various pages
  • All manage pages, and log pages now show 10 results per page,
  • Removed the previous load all live search as it drug down the speed of the admin area and result listings.
Added Optimization of all Tables from Home page after login.
  • Helps to speed things up and clean up the data tables
Added Useful Resources page of various systems, products that might be of use to you or your customers
  • Viewed only by Admins

Added importer from License system to WordPress (emails login details from WordPress)

Added option to send an email on canceled / disabled license to admin and user


Added Bulk Resend licenses to all those who have a specific Project


Added changes to PayPal ipn file to account for recurring payments canceled, skipped, terminated, suspended


Added Site settings for SMTP or server-side mail() to be used for sending emails


*Because this is not encrypted or license controlled code there is

You can now download Meters Desktop Software separately for free, that links your software to the license system automatically

Support: https://www.botguru.net/support

Walkthrough on how Meters Locking software works to lock a software to the license system


A complete walk through on how to use the option for Integromat inside projects


ThriveCart if interested check it here for lifetime deal they have going


Customize your Ubot locker Popup Window requesting email and key

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